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In Process

Clay is sculpted and drying before the initial firing process.


Initial firing

Copper screen decals covered with kiln paper and held down with weights. The face is comprised of Egyptian paste on a copper screen armature.

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Sculpture is assembled on cast iron found objects. She awaits her dress.



In Yoruban, meaning release.

This video shows my Raku process. Prior to this firing the piece was sculpted and initially fired.

The piece was then re-glazed, heated to a temperature of 1700F, removed from the kiln and placed in a large tub with pine shavings. It is then covered with more pine shavings and enclosed with a lid. This technique creates a reduction atmosphere to burn with lack of oxygen, yielding many different effects. The atmosphere enclosed within the tub will cause different oxides, compounds and materials to react to produce colors, lusters and unique finishes. After one hour the piece is removed and washed down with water and allowed to thoroughly dry. 

This process lends to one-of-a-kind results.